ERPSoft Systems Ltd Business Intelligence Services drive Actionable Results. The ability to make informed decisions faster, and at lower costs will change the course of every subsequent decision. It’s often the difference between making a market, and missing out entirely.


This can mean:

  • Seeing financial trends faster and repositioning to capitalize on them
  • Understanding the levers that drive sales performance and salesperson effectiveness to increase sales
  • Speeding time-to-market by cutting the lag in information delivery
  • Driving market share by recognizing buying patterns earlier
  • Lowering overall costs of information initiatives and systems

In total, ERPSoft System improves business transparency, optimizes data processes, and reduces overall cost of data management. But most importantly, ERPSoft Systmes puts the business insights in the hands of the right people, at the right time to transform the course of their business.


ERPSoft Core Business Intelligence Services

The ERPSoft Systems Effect results from a strategic assessment of the full BI strategy, and bringing our considerable resources to “unstick” projects or accelerate critical time-to-value including:


Upfront Assessments

  • BI Strategy: scoping, risk matrix, health check, and project assessment to identify project acceleration opportunities

End-to-End Services

  • Full data transformation: From strategy, to architecture design to execution, analytics and presentation.
  • Discrete point solutions: Support at each of the major steps in a full information strategy. including:
    • Data Warehouse Consolidation
    • Integration— Data Virtualized (including ETL)
    • Business Intelligence platform roll-out
    • Custom presentation layers (dashboard/portal)
    • Real time information cleansing and distribution
  • Bridging the gap: Highly skilled BI experts delivered just-in-time to help accelerate the project and extend the capabilities of the in-house team
  • Ongoing Maintenance and Support: Resources to keep platforms current and add new features as required.

Solving Core Business Pain Points

ERPSoft Systems recognizes the significant information challenges our clients face today including:

  • Understand where data resides, and how to access it and present it
  • Presenting timely and accurate data to right audiences at the right time
  • Underlying costs of “Business as Usual” on antiquated and siloed data systems
  • Projects that have gone on too long or are not delivering expected value
  • Consolidating infrastructure platforms, process, DW and data to reduce IT complexity and costs